Why Lúireach?

As I sit here thinking of what to name this blog a resounding song comes to mind, Lúireach Phádraig or should I say the Breastplate of Patrick. This ancient hymn has been a big part of my life since I was a child, being my dad’s family is from County Cork, Ireland and I grew up with such beguilings about the land of my forefathers. However, this blog is not for the sake of the Irish, though it’s content is, as it is for everyone who reads this. This blog if for the glory of God.

The breastplate is one of the most essential pieces of the armour we wear as Christians as stated in Ephesians 6. As I walk this journey of life I pray fervently that the breastplate of righteousness I wear is tightened so tight that I can hardly breathe without remembering where my breath comes from.

I ask you the reader for prayer as I seek to be faithful to the Lord and loving in my words, even the assertive ones. Will you join me in this journey towards righteousness?

You are indeed more than welcome.


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